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Shake It Off Outtakes Video #2 - The Ballerinas (x)

Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Festival

77/? Outfits - I Heart Radio Festival 2014, live performance.  


And the album isn’t even out yet


Taylor rehearsing for the iHeartRadio Festival [x]

taylorswift reminding herself verbally in case she forgets essentially important information (like how well her shoes fit)

Taylor’s full iHeartRadio performance 

The other big change on 1989 is that for the first time in years, there are no diss tracks dishing about Swift’s exes. A few of the songs are about her relationships and love life, but they’re mostly wistful and nostalgic, not finger-pointy or score-settling. “Different phases of your life have different levels of deep, traumatizing heartbreak,” Swift says. “And in this period of my life, my heart was not irreparably broken. So it’s not as boy-centric of an album, because my life hasn’t been boycentric.


I was proud of the simple fact that I somehow avoided a major embarrassment in this moment.

Taylor’s Commercial